Stainless steel eye bolt Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd is an importer of male and female type of stainless steel eye bolt in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. stainless steel eye bots are in fact type of stainless steel lifting accessories that are used to lift heavy machines such as electric machines, gearboxes and pumps. stainless steel eye bolts are fastened tightly in or over the machine and then can be part of lifting process along with stainless steel wire rope. different metric or American sizes of stainless steel eye bolts are available in SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd stock and ready to be dispatched upon inquiry to different parts of Malaysia, Singapore and East Asian Countries.

Technical Details of Stainless steel eye bolt

Stainless steel eye bolt is produced in 2 shapes and using two grades of stainless steel. these bolts are usually fastened manually in the hole preliminarily placed on the top surface of machines to be lifted with lifting slings. Stainless steel eye bolt are available in both G304 and G316 grades.

Stainless steel eye bolt DIN580Stainless steel eye bolt DIN580

Stainless steel eye bolt DIN582Stainless steel eye bolt DIN582


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