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Stainless steel quick link is a type of stainless steel rigging that is shaped as a master link but can be opened and closed Via a threaded nut. in fact Stainless steel quick link consists ot two parts, the oval body that is threaded partially on the body as the sitting part of the nut , and the stainless steel nut that opens and closes the body by moving back and forth. Stainless steel quick link is available in various Metric and inch sizes and is used with PP rope, sisal rope and even stainless steel wire rope in both grades of 304 and 316. SSWRC can supply the customers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and east Asia with all grades and sizes of Stainless steel quick link. .

Stainless steel quick link

Working load limit of stainless steel 316 quick link

Working load limit (WLL) is a very important mechanical property of stainless steel 316 quick link that becomes a very essential factor when choosing the right size for application. both grades of stainless steel 316 and 304 quick links have equal working load limit and equal mechanical properties including hardness and tensile strength and only show different chemical properties. WLL is highly dependent on the size and the diameter of the rod used to produce stainless steel quick links. it is scaled by Lbs varying from 175 for 3.5 stainless steel 316 quick link and raise to 2800 Lbs for 14mm stainless steel 316 quick link. WLL (working load limit) expresses the highest load that can be applied on stainless steel 316 quick link for safe use. various sizes of stainless steel quick links are available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore and ready to be deployed upon your request.


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