Stainless steel swivel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd is a distributor of all kinds of stainless steel swivels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. stainless steel swivels are types of rigging that are used not only with stainless steel wire ropes and chains but more so with different types of ropes including PP rope and Sisal ropes. stainless steel swivel is produced using 2 grades of stainless steel G304 and G316. both grades of stainless steel swivel have high resistance against humidity but show different behavior against other chemicals. SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd can provide you with different standards of stainless steel swivels in Malaysia, Singapore and east Asian countries.

Technical Details of Stainless steel swivel

Stainless steel swivel usually have two eyes or two jaws that in case they are fixed known as fixed stainless steel swivel. just like other stainless steel lifting accessories; stainless steel swivel 316 is more expensive due to the low percentage high value metal "Molybdenum" that is added to the chemical compound of stainless steel 316 swivels. they also have absolutely no magnetic interest that is another advantage to using them.

Stainless steel jaw & eye swivelStainless steel jaw & eye swivel


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