Stainless steel shackle Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd is an importer of SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd is in Kuala Lumpur Malaysai in different shapes, sizes and standards. stainless steel shackles are important connections both for stainless steel wire ropes and chains and without them using other lifting accessories by any means would be very hard. what is originally known as stainless steel shackle consists of wo parts; the pin and the U or The D part. however, based on the industrial requirement new shapes and standards of stainless steel shackles are now available. SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd with a broad range of rigging in stock can supply you in Malaysia or east Asian countries with all types of stainless steel shackles.

Technical Details of Stainless steel shackle

Stainless steel shackles have many different shapes and standards but like the other types of stainless steel rigging in the market are only available in 2 grades of 304 and 316. the most common shapes of stainless steel shackles are fixed snap shackle, swivel snap shackle, bow shackles and Dee shackles.

Stainless steel fixed snap shackleStainless steel fixed snap shackle

Stainless steel swivel snap shackleStainless steel swivel snap shackle

Stainless steel jaw swivel snap shackleStainless steel jaw swivel snap shackle

Stainless steel paracord shacklesStainless steel paracord shackles

Stainless steel European bow shacklesStainless steel European bow shackles

Stainless steel jis type Dee shacklesStainless steel jis type Dee shackles


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