Stainless steel pully Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Stainless steel pully is a very useful type of stainless steel rigging that is used along with different types of rope including PP rope, Stainless steel wire rope, Sisal and Manila ropes. Stainless steel pully is usually produced using grade 316 of stainless steel wire rope and in single and double shape. single stainless steel pully can pass through a single rope while a double stainless steel pully can pass through 2 strings of ropes at the same time with the same or opposite puling directions.

Technical Details of Stainless steel pully

Stainless steel pully is corrosion resistant against many different corrosive substances and more so against water and humidity. existence of highly active metallic elements such as Chrome and Nickel in high percentages and low percentages of Mo provide stainless steel pully with the means of resistance against corrosion.

Stainless steel single swivel pully Stainless steel single swivel pully

Stainless steel double swivel pullyStainless steel double swivel pully


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