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Coated Gym Wire Ropes are usually specified using two numbers, the first number is the internal wire rope diameter without PVC coating and the second number is the final outer diameter with PVC coating. Coated gym wire ropes have a carbon steel wire rope as core and therefore are not water resistant. the PVC coating for the wire ropes can be done using different colors of Polyvinyl Chloride but preferable black color is the standard. SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd, located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia can provide you with different sizes of PVC coated gym wire rope.

Technical Details of Coated Gym Wire Rope

One of the common structures of the internal core for coated gym wire ropes is 6X19+IWRC. the weaving structure of these wire ropes follow the standard method with equal wire size for all outer strands and a mildly lower diameter for internal core strand. the wires of strands in the body of PVC coated gym wire ropes are cold galvanized with Zinc.

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