Stainless steel turnbuckle Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Stainless steel turnbuckle is a common Rigging used along with both stainless steel wire rope and lifting chains. Stainless steel turnbuckle is produced in many different shapes and various endings to be used with all kinds of stainless steel rigging and lifting accessories and stainless steel lifting chain. there are two grades of Stainless steel turnbuckle G304 and G316; however, most available items in the market right now are produced of the higher grade G316. both inch size and mm size of Stainless steel turnbuckle can be found and different international standards, DIN and ASTM standards are used to produce Stainless steel turnbuckles.

Technical Details of Stainless steel turnbuckle

Stainless steel turnbuckle is mainly used in order to increase the connecting tension. they consist of an internal bolt that will turn inside a nut chamber and by turning with slowly increase or decrease the connecting distance and therefore cause lower or higher fitting tension. Stainless steel turnbuckle are corrosion resistant against water and humidity.

Stainless steel eye & hook turnbuckle jis typeStainless steel eye & hook turnbuckle jis type

Stainless steel jaw & jaw closed body turnbuckleStainless steel jaw & jaw closed body turnbuckle


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