Stainless steel thimble Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd is ready to provide you with different grades and sizes of stainless steel thimbles in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. stainless steel thimbles in fact are parts of stainless steel wire rope slings and are used in order to decrease the abrasion on the wire rope strings of slings after producing wire rope slings and in touch with heavy weights. stainless steel thimbles are used in different sizes following the size of steel wire rope that is used to press along with bushes (usually Aluminum bushes) to shape and fashion stainless steel wire rope sling with stainless steel thimbles. SSWRC Hardware Sdn Bhd , located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, can supply you with different sizes of stainless steel thimble and stainless steel wire rope slings all over east Asia.

Technical Details of Stainless steel thimble

Stainless steel thimbles are ductile and can be shaped with cold forge. the size of stainless steel thimbles are directly influenced by the size of stainless steel wire rope since they should circle around the outer side of wire ropes. stainless steel thimbles are available in both G304 and G316 grades of stainless steel rigging like all other lifting accessories. stainless steel thimbles play a very important role in maintaining the wire rope and prolonging its life time.

Stainless steel wire rope thimble G-411Stainless steel wire rope thimble G-411

Stainless steel wire rope European type thimbleStainless steel wire rope European type thimble


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